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Crave Dog Food Review

Crave Dog Food Review

Crave Dog Food
Crave Dog Food Review

Company HQ

Parent company

Mars, Incorporated

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Type of food

Wet Dog Food, Dry Dog Food
Nutrient Value 70%
Quality of Ingredients 74%
Recall History 100%
Price 80%
Customer Experience 88%
Manufacturing Method 44%

Where to buy



  • High protein content
  • To our knowledge, Crave has never had a product recall
  • Foods are nutritionally complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards
  • Affordable
  • All protein comes from animal sourced ingredients
  • All recipes are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Higher in price, some dogs get gassy/loose stool

Crave Dog Food Review


Crave dog food aims to deliver high-protein, meat-first recipes packed with flavor. But are their formulas healthy and worth the price? This Crave dog food review will take a close look at their ingredient quality, manufacturing, and what real pet owners say.

Overview of Crave and their product lines

Origins and manufacturing

Crave is produced by Mars Petcare, the pet food division of Mars, Incorporated. Their formulas are manufactured in company-owned facilities in the United States.

Product lines

Crave offers two main product lines: Crave Grain-Free and Crave Soft & Chewy. Both lines feature protein-packed, meat-focused recipes.

Ingredient profile analysis

Here’s a deeper look into the types of ingredients used in Crave dog food.

Protein sources

Crave formulas are high in quality animal protein sources like chicken, salmon, lamb, and duck. They generally contain 30% or more protein.

Carbohydrate sources

The grain-free line uses legumes like chickpeas, peas, and lentils instead of grains. The Soft & Chewy line uses oats and rice.

Nutritional inclusions

Crave foods include probiotics, antioxidants from fruits and veggies, and omega fatty acids from fish oil.

Controversial ingredients

Some recipes contain tomato pomace and canola oil, which some pet owners like to avoid. But overall, their formulas have fewer controversial ingredients than many competitors.

Crave Dog Food Product Lines

Here’s an overview of Crave’s two product lines and what they offer.

Crave Grain-Free line

Flavors and recipes

The Crave Grain-Free line comes in recipes like Chicken & Venison, Lamb & Chicken Grill, and Fish & Lamb. There are over a dozen flavors to choose from.

Ingredient highlights

All recipes are gluten-free and grain-free. They feature one or two animal protein sources as the first ingredients, followed by legumes, fruits, veggies, and natural flavorings.

Crave Soft & Chewy line

Flavors and recipes

The Soft & Chewy line has recipes like Chicken & Salmon, Beef & Lamb, and Chicken & Duck. There are around ten recipes in this product line.

Ingredient highlights

These recipes contain whole grains like oats, millet, and rice. They are still meat-focused, with one or two animal proteins as the first ingredients.

Quality and Safety

Here’s an overview of Crave’s quality control and manufacturing processes.

Sourcing and manufacturing

All Crave recipes are produced in Mars-owned facilities in the United States. Mars has high standards for quality control and food safety.

Recall history

There are no recalls affecting Crave dog food since the brand was introduced in 2017. Their strict safety protocols help minimize the risk of recalls occurring.

Pricing and Availability

Crave is slightly above average in price but in line with premium, meat-focused dog foods. Here are the costs and where to buy.

Pricing across product lines

A 12-lb bag of Crave grain-free costs approximately $57 while a 12-lb bag of Crave Soft & Chewy costs around $54. Prices vary slightly by recipe.

Where to buy Crave

Crave can be purchased from pet food retailers, online retailers like Chewy and PetFlow, some farm supply stores, and certain grocery stores.

Reviews from Pet Owners

What do real customers think of Crave dog food? Here’s a look at feedback from pet owners who’ve used their formulas.

Positive feedback

Many praise the variety of protein-packed, meaty recipes. Dogs seem to love the taste and maintain a healthy weight.


Some dogs seem to struggle with gas or softer stools. A few pet owners disliked the inclusion of tomato pomace.

Common issues

The most common complaints relate to digestive upset in sensitive dogs. This is likely due to the high protein and legume content.

Our Verdict on Crave Dog Food

Based on our analysis of ingredients, manufacturing, recall history, pet owner reviews, and nutritional quality, here is our final verdict on Crave dog food:

Pros and cons

Pros: Excellent quality meat-based ingredients, minimal controversial ingredients, strict quality control, well-liked by most dogs

Cons: Higher in price, some dogs get gassy/loose stool

Ideal buyer

Crave is a great option for dogs without sensitivities who need a tasty, protein-packed food. It’s a quality choice for active dogs or those needing to maintain a healthy weight.


Crave dog food delivers high-quality nutrition in delicious meat-focused recipes. They offer formulas to suit different needs and ingredient preferences. While not the most affordable, their recipes provide excellent nutritional value from premium ingredients. For dogs without sensitivities, Crave is one of the top options for healthy, tasty dog food.

Brand Overview

Crave pet foods operates on the premise that our domesticated pets crave the same meat-rich diets their wild cousins enjoy. All menu items are grain-free, with real meat as the first ingredient. Crave offers dog food, cat food, puppy food, and kitten food, with a variety of wet and dry formats.

How Much Does Crave Dog Food Cost

We’ve compared Crave dog food price to the other dog food brands in our database.

Crave Wet Dog Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per oz$0.16$0.41-61%
Price per 100 kcal$0.55$1.52-64%
Price per day$0.33$0.91-64%

Crave Wet Dog Food is priced below the average market price for dog food.

Crave Dry Dog Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per lb$3.42$3.69-7%
Price per 100 kcal$0.20$0.34-40%
Price per day$0.12$0.20-40%

Crave Dry Dog Food is priced below the average market price for dog food.

Crave Nutrient Profile Comparison

We’ve compared Crave dog food recipes nutrient profile to the other dog food brands in our database.

Wet Dog Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein54.55%42.98%+27%
DM Fat22.73%22.28%+2%
DM Fiber4.55%7.39%-38%
DM Carb18.18%26.26%-31%

Dry Dog Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein37.78%30.01%+26%
DM Fat18.89%15.86%+19%
DM Fiber4.03%5.48%-26%
DM Carb39.30%47.73%-18%

All of Crave dog food recipes meets AAFCO’s minimum requirements.

Recall History

The following list (if present) shows all dog food recalls related to Crave Dog Food Review since 2011. If no recalls are listed, no recall events have been reported.

Since 2011 Crave has never been recalled.


Is Crave dog food grain-free?

Crave’s Grain-Free line is 100% grain-free. The Soft & Chewy recipes contain grains like oats, millet and rice.

Is Crave high in protein?

Yes, Crave recipes typically contain 30% or more protein, with meat as the first 1-2 ingredients.

Where is Crave dog food made?

Crave is made in Mars-owned manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Does Crave contain by-products?

No. Crave contains high-quality, identifiable cuts of meat like chicken, lamb, or fish. No meat by-products.

Is Crave dog food expensive?

Crave costs slightly more than average, but it’s on par with other premium, meat-focused dog foods. The price reflects quality ingredients.


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