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Dogswell Dog Food Review

Dogswell Dog Food Review

Dogswell Dog Food
Dogswell Dog Food Review

Company HQ

Parent company

Arthur Dogswell, LLC

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Type of food

Wet Dog Food, Dry Dog Food
Nutrient Value 46%
Quality of Ingredients 61%
Recall History 100%
Price 88%
Customer Experience 70%
Manufacturing Method 45%

Where to buy



  • To our knowledge, Dogswell has never had a product recall
  • Affordable
  • All recipes are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Some recipes contain plant-based protein
  • Lower than average protein content

Dogswell Dog Food Review


Dogswell aims to provide premium nutrition through high-quality ingredients and strategic nutritional formulations. This Dogswell dog food review will dig into their manufacturing, ingredients, customer reviews, and real-world quality.

Overview of Dogswell

Company history and info

Dogswell was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. Their motto is “Nutrition You Can Trust” using quality meats and superfoods.

Manufacturing and ingredient sourcing

Dogswell sources ingredients from the U.S., New Zealand, Australia and Canada. All final production occurs in the U.S.

Product line overview

Dogswell focuses on grain-free recipes across three main product lines: Nutrisca, Vitality, and Happy Hips.

Ingredient Analysis

Here’s an inside look at the types of ingredients used in Dogswell recipes.

Meat and protein sources

Dogswell foods feature protein sources like chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, and venison. They never use by-products.

Carbohydrate sources

Grain-free carbohydrates include sweet potatoes, peas, chickpeas, tapioca, lentils, and potatoes. Some recipes are low-glycemic.

Supplemental ingredients

Dogswell includes superfoods like pumpkin, cranberries, ginger, and flaxseed. Some have glucosamine, chondroitin, probiotics, and antioxidants.

Controversial ingredients

A few Dogswell recipes contain canola oil, carrageenan, and dried tomatoes. But most of their ingredients are high-quality.

Dogswell Product Lines

Here’s an overview of Dogswell’s three main product offerings.

Dogswell Nutrisca

Types of recipes

Nutrisca recipes come in both grain-free and grain-inclusive options with protein sources like chicken, lamb, salmon, and more.

Highlighted ingredients

Nutrisca formulas emphasize probiotics, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and often feature a single novel protein source.

Dogswell Vitality

Types of recipes

Vitality foods provide grain-free nutrition tailored for four size ranges from small breed to large breed.

Key ingredients

These recipes pack superfoods and vitamins to support whole-body health, immunity, digestion, joints, energy levels, and more.

Dogswell Happy Hips

What’s in it

Happy Hips has glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and omega-3s to nourish joints. It’s also rich in antioxidants.

Specialized nutrition

This chicken and turkey recipe aims to ease joint discomfort and improve mobility in older or less active dogs.

Recall History

Dogswell has had one voluntary recall. Here’s an overview:

Past recalls

In July 2012, Dogswell voluntarily recalled two cat food products due to potential salmonella contamination. No dog food was impacted.

Customer Reviews

Dogswell receives mostly positive feedback from pet owners. Here are some of the most common pros and cons.

Positive feedback

Many praise the quality ingredients, specialized nutritional formulations, and noticeable improvements in energy, coat health, digestion, and joint health.

Complaints and concerns

Some dogs seem to reject the taste. A few pet owners complained about quality control and bagging issues.

Common issues

Picky eaters may turn their nose up at Dogswell. Occasional concerns about moldy food or improperly sealed bags.

Our Verdict on Dogswell

Taking all available data into consideration, here is our summary view on Dogswell dog food:

The pros and cons

Pros: Excellent ingredient quality, strategic nutritional formulas, transparency, mostly positive reviews

Cons: Some dogs won’t eat it, occasional quality control concerns, high price point

Best for which dogs?

Dogswell is a terrific option for pet owners wanting specialized nutrition with real superfood ingredients. It’s great for dogs needing joint, digestive, or skin support.


Dogswell crafts recipes purposefully designed with superfoods to target specific health needs. Their ingredient quality is outstanding. While premium-priced, Dogswell makes up for it with their strategic formulations tailored for issues like joints, energy, digestion, and more. They offer purpose-driven nutrition you can feel good about.

Brand Overview

Dogswell dog treats are made with no grain, gluten, by-products, or added sugar. Unique ingredients like green-lipped New Zealand mussel, flaxseed oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin are added to recipes designed to support canine health. Dogswell treats come in several different flavors.

How Much Does Dogswell Dog Food Cost

We’ve compared Dogswell dog food price to the other dog food brands in our database.

Dogswell Wet Dog Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per oz$0.22$0.41-46%
Price per 100 kcal$0.83$1.52-45%
Price per day$0.50$0.91-45%

Dogswell Wet Dog Food is priced below the average market price for dog food.

Dogswell Dry Dog Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per lb$2.69$3.69-27%
Price per 100 kcal$0.04$0.34-88%
Price per day$0.02$0.20-90%

Dogswell Dry Dog Food is priced below the average market price for dog food.

Dogswell Nutrient Profile Comparison

We’ve compared Dogswell dog food recipes nutrient profile to the other dog food brands in our database.

Wet Dog Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein44.44%42.98%+3%
DM Fat22.22%22.28%-0%
DM Fiber5.56%7.39%-25%
DM Carb27.78%26.26%+6%

Dry Dog Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein26.67%30.01%-11%
DM Fat13.33%15.86%-16%
DM Fiber6.39%5.48%+17%
DM Carb53.61%47.73%+12%

Recall History

The following list (if present) shows all dog food recalls related to Dogswell Dog Food Review since 2011. If no recalls are listed, no recall events have been reported.

Since 2011 Dogswell has never been recalled.


Is Dogswell good quality dog food?

Yes, Dogswell is a high-quality dog food brand that uses premium ingredients and superfoods.

Is Dogswell grain-free?

Most Dogswell recipes are grain-free, with exceptions like their Nutrisca line that offers grain-inclusive options too.

Where is Dogswell manufactured?

Dogswell sources ingredients globally but manufactures all their dog food in the United States.

Does Dogswell use by-products?

No. Dogswell only uses whole, identifiable meat cuts for protein sources.

Is Dogswell worth the price?

Dogswell costs more but delivers premium ingredients and specialized nutrition targeting specific health issues, so for many pet owners it’s worth it.


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