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Forza10 Dog Food Review

Forza10 Dog Food Review

Forza10 Dog Food
Forza10 Dog Food Review

Company HQ

Parent company

SANYpet Group

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Type of food

Dry Dog Food, Wet Dog Food, Dry Puppy Food, Wet Puppy Food
Nutrient Value 39%
Quality of Ingredients 65%
Recall History 100%
Price 56%
Customer Experience 65%
Manufacturing Method 42%

Where to buy



  • To our knowledge, Forza10 has never had a product recall
  • Foods are nutritionally complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards
  • All recipes are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Some recipes contain plant-based protein
  • Lower than average protein content
  • Price is above market average

Forza10 Dog Food Review


With so many dog food options on the market, choosing the right brand can feel overwhelming. Forza10 is a lesser-known premium dog food that promises superior nutrition tailored for your pup’s needs. This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about Forza10 dog food. We’ll explore their ingredient quality, manufacturing standards, product lines, pricing, customer reviews, and more to help you determine if Forza10 is a good option for your dog.

Overview of Forza10

Company history

Forza10 was created in 2010 by a team of veterinary nutritionists and food scientists looking to formulate the healthiest recipes fueled by scientific research. Based in Indiana, Forza10 is a relatively small U.S.-made brand that focuses solely on crafting natural, biome-based formulas for dogs in all life stages. Their mission is to provide complete whole food nutrition in each bite.

Sourcing and manufacturing

Forza10 sources all ingredients from North America and New Zealand suppliers. Their proteins come from ethically raised farm animals or sustainable wild-caught fish. Fruits, veggies, and supplements are non-GMO. All Forza10 products are manufactured in their own two FDA-audited facilities in Indiana using high pressure pasteurization. This retains more nutrients compared to traditional extrusion processing. Their small batches allow for quality control.

Forza10 Product Lines

Dry dog food

The dry food lineup covers puppy, adult maintenance, weight control, and senior formulas. Main proteins include chicken, salmon, turkey, lamb, bison, and venison, accompanied by digestible carbs like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and tapioca. There are also limited ingredient and grain-free recipes. The kibbles are nutrient dense with antioxidants.

Wet dog food

Forza10 wet foods come in cans and pouches with stews, patés, and sliced recipes in broths, gravies, or jellies. Flavors range from chicken and turkey to unique proteins like duck, boar, quail, and rabbit. They offer grain-inclusive and grain-free wet formulas tailored for different life stages.

Dog treats

Their treat roster features baked biscuits, training treats, dental chews, freeze-dried mixes, meat bars, and broth pouches for hydration. These grain-free snacks use vitamin-packed superfoods like pumpkin, carrots, apples, spinach, and blueberries. Limited ingredient treats are available too.

Ingredients and Nutrition Philosophy

Main ingredients used

Deboned chicken, turkey, lamb, bison, and salmon are the main proteins in Forza10 recipes. Whole grains like barley, oats, and brown rice provide fiber when present. Starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and peas add carbohydrates in grain-free formulas. They also incorporate nutrient-rich fruits, veggies, and botanicals.

Nutritional approach

Forza10 employs veterinary nutritionists to formulate recipes that align with dogs’ evolutionary needs. Their philosophy focuses on high animal protein content with smaller amounts of digestible carbs and fiber. Added probiotics and antioxidants support gut and whole body health. They avoid fillers, by-products, and artificial additives.

Feeding guidelines

Forza10 packages provide feeding guidelines based on your dog’s life stage, weight, and activity level. An online feeding calculator also tailors recommendations to your pup’s unique dietary needs and preferences. Forza10 suggests transitioning gradually over 5-7 days when switching foods.

Quality and Safety Standards

Quality control processes

Forza10 implements rigorous processes to test raw ingredients, monitor food production, analyze nutritional adequacy, and verify safety. Their smaller batches allow for meticulous quality control and no outsourcing. All finished products undergo extensive lab testing before distribution.

Testing and safety protocols

In addition to their own safety procedures, Forza10 facilities adhere to FDA regulations and AAFCO standards. Raw ingredients and finished products are tested for bacteria, mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, allergens, and proper nutrient levels to ensure stringent food safety for dogs.

Pricing and Availability

Retail locations

Forza10 is sold online through independent pet retailers like Chewy, PetFlow, and Petco. Many brick-and-mortar pet supply stores also carry Forza10 products. Use their website to find local retailers that stock Forza10.

Price points

This premium brand has an average cost of $2.50 per pound for dry kibble and $2.50-$4 per can or pouch of wet food. Treats range from $8 to $15 per bag. Buying larger bag sizes can offer per-pound savings. Automatic shipping subscriptions also discount prices by up to 15%.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Positive feedback

Many praise Forza10 for enticing picky dogs to eat with tasty flavor and texture. Pet parents report improved skin, coats, energy, stools, and digestive health. Customers also appreciate the visible chunks of real meat, fruits, and vegetables in recipes. Forza10 earns a 4.8 out of 5 star overall rating.

Negative feedback

A few reviewers mention their dogs disliking certain recipes or needing time to transition to the richer food. There are also isolated reports of shipping delays, damaged packaging, and expired product. But most describe prompt customer service resolution.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Forza10’s specialized nutritional expertise, responsibly sourced ingredients, smaller scale craft production, extensive testing for purity and safety, and stellar customer reviews make it a premium brand worth trying. They offer unique protein-packed and limited ingredient recipes tailored for your dog’s needs. Just be prepared for the higher price point and transition gradually to the food. Overall, Forza10 earns a recommendation for pet parents seeking optimal canine nutrition based on scientific research.

Brand Overview

Forza10 was founded by Dr. Sergio Canello, DVM. The company’s recipes incorporate unique natural elements aimed at supporting overall health. Forza10 offers a complete line of wet and dry cat and dog food, including special recipes for pets with sensitivities. A number of grain-free options are available, as are dental chews, supplements, and treats for pets with sensitivities.

How Much Does Forza10 Dog Food Cost

We’ve compared Forza10 dog food price to the other dog food brands in our database.

Forza10 Dry Dog Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per lb$4.68$3.69+27%
Price per 100 kcal$0.30$0.34-12%
Price per day$0.18$0.20-10%

Forza10 Dry Dog Food is priced below the average market price for dog food.

Forza10 Wet Dog Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per oz$0.60$0.41+46%
Price per 100 kcal$2.68$1.52+76%
Price per day$1.61$0.91+77%

Forza10 Wet Dog Food is priced above the average market price for dog food.

Forza10 Dry Puppy Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per lb$5.45$3.84+42%
Price per 100 kcal$0.33$0.23+45%
Price per day$0.20$0.14+43%

Forza10 Dry Puppy Food is priced above the average market price for dog food.

Forza10 Wet Puppy Food Price Comparison

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
Price per oz$0.29$0.31-6%
Price per 100 kcal$0.86$1.01-15%
Price per day$0.51$0.61-16%

Forza10 Wet Puppy Food is priced below the average market price for dog food.

Forza10 Nutrient Profile Comparison

We’ve compared Forza10 dog food recipes nutrient profile to the other dog food brands in our database.

Dry Dog Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein27.34%30.01%-9%
DM Fat14.22%15.86%-10%
DM Fiber4.43%5.48%-19%
DM Carb52.46%47.73%+10%

Wet Dog Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein37.35%42.98%-13%
DM Fat33.00%22.28%+48%
DM Fiber2.87%7.39%-61%
DM Carb26.78%26.26%+2%

Dry Puppy Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein35.71%32.35%+10%
DM Fat18.02%17.94%+0%
DM Fiber4.18%4.66%-10%
DM Carb33.63%44.25%-24%

Wet Puppy Food

Brand AvgMarket Avg% From the Avg
DM Protein42.50%42.84%-1%
DM Fat47.50%27.27%+74%
DM Fiber1.50%7.01%-79%
DM Carb8.50%22.55%-62%

All of Forza10 dog food recipes meets AAFCO’s minimum requirements.

Recall History

The following list (if present) shows all dog food recalls related to Forza10 Dog Food Review since 2011. If no recalls are listed, no recall events have been reported.

Since 2011 Forza10 has never been recalled.


What types of dog food does Forza10 produce?

Forza10 offers an assortment of dry kibble, wet food cans and pouches, baked treats, and supplements for dogs in all life stages and with various dietary needs.

Does Forza10 conduct safety testing?

Yes, Forza10 thoroughly tests all incoming ingredients and finished products in their own laboratory to ensure proper nutrition and food safety.

Where can I buy Forza10 dog food?

Forza10 is sold online and in select brick-and-mortar pet food stores. Use their store locator to find a local retailer.

Does Forza10 offer grain-free recipes?

Yes, Forza10 has several grain-free dry and wet dog food formulas made with lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, or tapioca instead of grains.

Yes, Forza10 is formulated by veterinary nutritionists and recommended by many vets for its natural, science-backed ingredients tailored for dog health.


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